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Hey, I'm Chandan, a versatile Full Stack Engineer, AI enthusiast, and UI/UX Designer. With a passion for crafting seamless user experiences, I bring a unique blend of frontend expertise, backend knowledge, and a keen interest in the exciting realm of artificial intelligence. Currently contributing as a full-stack engineer at Growth Securities, my journey is marked by a commitment to creativity, problem-solving, and staying at the forefront of technology. Join me on this dynamic adventure of coding, designing, and exploring the limitless possibilities of web development and AI.

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Passionate Web Developer, Designer, & AI Engineer

Greetings! I'm dedicated to creating visually stunning and user-centric experiences as a UI/UX Designer, Web Developer, and AI Engineer. My approach blends artistic flair with technical precision to craft interfaces that captivate and functionality that excels. With a foundation in HTML5, CSS3, and an arsenal of cutting-edge tools like TensorFlow and Brain.js, I'm committed to transforming visions into digital masterpieces. Let's embark on a journey where design meets functionality, and every click tells a story of innovation.

  • Birthday: 6 Aug 1998
  • Website:
  • Phone: +91 9905 9619 94
  • City: New Delhi, India

My Achievements

Here are some meaningful milestones that define my journey in the world of technology and development.

Delighted Clients who have experienced the essence of my work and dedication.

Projects Completed with precision, each telling a unique story of problem-solving and innovation.

Hours of Support provided to ensure seamless experiences and assist in overcoming challenges.

Collaboration with Hard Workers who share my commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Technical Skills

Here's a glimpse of my technical prowess, honed through hands-on experience and continuous learning.

HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript 80%
Saas, Bootstrap5, Tailwind, React-Bootstrap & Material UI 90%
TypeScript, React.js, Redux.js & Next.js 60%
Node.js, Express.js, Bun.Js & Elysia.js 40%
AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Hostinger, Netlify & others 60%
Git, GitHub, GitLab, Jest & others 80%
AI, TensorFlow.js, Brain.js, Neuro.js 30%
Designing 70%


Showcasing my educational background and professional experience in the field of technology and development.


Chandan Karna

Frontend Engineer with expertise in HTML5, CSS3, React Js, and more. Full-stack engineer at Growth Securities, contributing to the development of innovative web solutions.

  • New Delhi, India
  • +91 9905 9619 94


Computer Engineering

2018 - 2021

Softech Engineering College

Completed a comprehensive computer engineering program, gaining proficiency in languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Front End Development with React Js

2021 - 2022


Successfully completed a front end development course on Coursera, specializing in React Js and Next.js. Developed responsive and dynamic user interfaces.

Back End Development with Node Js

2022 - 2023

Online Institutions

Completed an in-depth back end development program, focusing on Node Js and Express.js. Designed and implemented server-side logic for web applications.

Exploring AI

2022 - Present

Online Institutions

Continuously exploring and learning new skills and technologies in the field of artificial intelligence. Actively engaged in projects and coursework related to AI development.

Professional Experience

Sr. Web Developer

2022 - Present

Growth Securities

  • Lead frontend engineer for the completion of the Growth Securities website.
  • Utilized skills: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, React.js, Redux.js, Next.js, Git, GitHub, GCP.

Sr. Web Developer

2022 - Present


  • Senior website developer for the completion of the Algoquant website.
  • Utilized skills: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, React.js, Next.js, GitHub, GCP.

Sr. Web Developer

2023 - Present

Policy India

  • Senior website developer for the completion of the Policy India website.
  • Utilized skills: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, TypeScript, React.js, Next.js, GitHub, AWS.


2020 - Present
  • Successfully delivered a range of projects, ensuring timely completion. Some notable projects include:
    • Developed a visually appealing and responsive website for Lacspace, showcasing their products and services. Utilized HTML5, CSS3, Sass, React.js, and GitHub for version control.
    • Created a dynamic and user-friendly website for DMK Cables, incorporating modern design principles and functionalities. Technologies used include HTML5, CSS3, Sass, React.js, and GitHub for version control.
    • Contributed to the development of Net Technology's website, focusing on seamless navigation and engaging user experience. Employed HTML5, CSS3, Sass, React.js, and GitHub for version control.


Step into my digital universe, where innovation thrives and creativity reigns supreme. From crafting seamless user experiences in stock brokerage to illuminating the complexities of the market, each project is a testament to my dedication.

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Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects
Chandan Karna's Projects


Explore the range of services I offer to bring your ideas to life and enhance your digital presence.

Web Development

Crafting dynamic and responsive websites tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a seamless user experience.

UI/UX Design

Designing visually appealing interfaces with a focus on user-centric experiences to elevate your brand identity.

Data Visualization

Transforming complex data into insightful visualizations using cutting-edge technologies like D3.js and Chart.js.

AI Integration

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to enhance functionality and efficiency in web applications.

SEO Optimization

Implementing strategic SEO techniques to boost your online visibility and reach a wider audience.

Consultation Services

Providing expert guidance and consultation to help you make informed decisions for your digital projects.

Client Testimonials

Read what our clients have to say about their experience working with us.

The team's creativity and attention to detail are exceptional. They brought our vision to life with precision and delivered results beyond our expectations.

Shital Sinha

Marketing Director

Working with this team was a game-changer for our business. Their technical expertise and commitment to timelines made the entire process seamless and enjoyable.

Manish Das

Director, DMKC

Remarkable service! Their collaborative approach and quick problem-solving abilities set them apart. I highly recommend their expertise for any web development project.

David Williams

Founder, TechSprint

Exceptional professionalism! Their dedication to understanding our needs and delivering high-quality solutions is truly commendable. A pleasure to work with.

Pankaj Rajput

Founder, Startups

Incredible teamwork! They not only met but exceeded our expectations. Their communication and problem-solving skills make them an ideal choice for any web development project.

Daniel Evans

Founder, DigitalVibes

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